Business Analytics with R

This is a 2Days course for professionals who aspire to learn ‘R’ language for Analytics. Practical approach of learning has been followed in order to provide a real time experience and make you think like an analyst. Our course will cover not only the basic concepts but also the advanced concepts like Data Visualization, Data Mining, Model Building in R, Web Analytics and so on.

Course Objectives

After the completion of ‘Business Analytics with R’ at Spectramind, you should be able to:
• Understand the fundamentals of ‘R’.
• Learn how to transit from existing software in analytics into an ‘R-based’ system at zero cost.
• Get a broad insight into analytics and acquire skills in methodologies and techniques.
• Get familiar with data science as a career option with practical knowledge.

Who should go for this course?

This course is meant for all those students and professionals who are interested in working in industry analytics and are keen to enhance their technical skills with exposure to cutting-edge practices. This is a great course for all those who are ambitious to become ‘Data Scientists’ in near future!


The pre-requisites for learning ‘Business Analytics with R’ include basic mathematics and good analytical skills. The good news is that - as this is an applied course, the focus will be on real-world case studies rather than just the theory.

Why Learn Business Analytics with R?

Business Analytics with R at Spectramind will prepare you to:

● Learn R programming language and use it in analytical projects including multiple industrial domains and scenarios.

● Become an R user and learn to think like a data scientist/business analyst.

● Get exposure into the latest analytics techniques including forecasting, social network analytics, and text mining.

● Add-on to your existing analytics knowledge and methodology.

● Acquire advanced knowledge of analytics in web analytics, social media analytics and Industry norms.

About this Course :
This 2Days 'Business Analytics with R' course is designed for all those who are keen to get into analytics and become future Data Scientists.

Course Highlights :
● The course is based on Spectramind's Project Based Learning Approach.

● 8-hour Interactive Live instructor Classes are conducted every weekend.

● The instructors are highly experienced Industry Experts.

● Our 24x7 support feature is the best thing you get from this course! Just request for a one-to- one session and a highly qualified expert will be dedicated to resolve your query anytime you want. Recorded sessions of all the classes will be provided to you.

● There will be real world case studies to re-enforce your understanding.

● Flexibility of attending the classes from home, rescheduling the classes and taking a repeat session is given to you.

Module 1
Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Science and R
Learning Objectives - At the end of this chapter, you will be able to install R and packages which are going to be used for the course. You will also learn how 'R' is being used in the industry (by Oracle, SAP, Google, Facebook, IBM and Revolution Analytics) and also get exposed to various GUI (like Rattle, Deducer, R Commander). You will learn how to use the IDE R Studio and various ways to use the R help (including calling up existing R Documentation, CRAN Views, and R Help Email lists). You will also be introduced to how the worldwide R community collaborates including the #rstats hashtag on Twitter, Stack Overflow, RBloggers, Conferences and using Github.
Topics - Business Problems, Data used by Various Business Domains (Telecom, Finance, Pharma, Retail, Online), Decision Management based on data, Spreadsheet vs Analytics, Type of Business Analytics including descriptive and predictive analytics, Installation of R, CRAN and Views, updating R, packages and dependencies, Github, assigning objects, using R as a calculator, functions, using help from within R, Email Groups, #rstats, Stack Overflow, Introduction to Deducer, Rattle, R Commander, Deducer Plugins, R Commander Extensions, R Studio, Revolution Analytics, Oracle R Enterprise, SAP Hana with R, IBM Netezza with R, R Community

Module 2
Understanding Data Import and Data Quality in R
Learning Objectives -At the end of this module, you will be able to import data from multiple formats into R and check it for accuracy. You will come across various steps for checking data quality and refining it. You will also learn how to import data from existing statistical formats like SPSS and SAS7BDAT. This is important as data quality can be a critical and time consuming part of an analytical project. You will also compare and contrast data import for command line versus Graphical User Interfaces.
Topics -Data import using text files, spreadsheets, databases, GUIs, APIs, web data, SAS and SPSS data formats using various R packages including str, names, plot, head, tail, sample, read, table functions and foreign, sas7bdat, RODBC packages, Introduction to using XML, RCurl and rjsonio packages.

Module 3
Understanding Data Manipulation in R
Learning Objectives - At the end of this chapter, you will be able to create new datasets, new variables and create desired data shapes. You will come across the tremendous flexibility with which R can deal with data formats (lists, matrix, data frames) and variety (numeric, character, date time), and how to convert one data object to another.
Topics -Data manipulation to achieve desired quality and shape of data for analysis, apply functions, aggregate, reshape, is.NA, missing value treatment, creating new variables, subset, using square brackets for selection, conditional selection using AND and OR Conditions, using substr, gsub, difftime, cut functions, paste and as operator, Introduction to various R packages lubridate, stringr and plyr.

Module 4
Understanding Exploratory Data Analysis in R
Learning Objectives -At the end of this chapter, you will be able to use R for basic analysis. The exploratory data analysis will look at functions and packages for numerical summary and analysis, and how to slice and dice data according to requirements. You will learn data analytics techniques including distribution analysis and understanding correlation between variables.
Topics -Structure of data object, aggregation and summary, exploring outliers, understanding the analytical approach, using summary, describe, mean, std, median, min, max, quartile, boxplot and hist functions, and Hmisc package.

Module 5
Understanding Data Visualization and Spatial Analysis
Learning Objectives -At the end of this chapter, you will be able to use R for graphical analysis. You will learn tremendous and renowned graphical capabilities of R, and using graphical analysis for insights. This will include basic and advanced graphs, customizing plots, and other advanced packages including ggplot, tableplot, bigvis. You will also learn how to use GUI for data visualization in R including how to make animated graphs. You will also come across spatial analysis using the Deducer package and web applications for data visualization using R package Shiny and D3, Javascript.
Topics -Basics of Data Visualization and Visual Aesthetics, Different kinds of graphs (scatterplot, hexbin, lineplot, sunflowerplot, table plot, barplot, pie chart, heatmap, histogram with density, violin plots, adding rug to plots), customizing graphics including color palettes and R Color Brewer, using facets to slice and dice data, using basic and advanced R packages and GUI Deducer, Spatial Analysis, making a 3D plot in R Commander, Shiny Package and D3 Examples.

Module 6
Understanding Data Mining
Learning Objectives -At the end of this module, you will be able to use R for data mining using various techniques including clustering, decision trees, ensemble models, association analysis using the GUI RATTLE. You will be exposed to examples from various data mining methodologies. The learner will also be introduced to SEMMA, CRISPDM and KDD concepts. Various clustering techniques including k means and hierarchical clustering will be learnt.
The learner will also be exposed briefly to neural networks and ensemble models.
Topics -Conceptual introduction to SEMMA, CRISPDM and KDD, Introduction to clustering (hierarchical, kmeans) and iterating for clusters, Introduction to data mining methods including SVM, decision trees, ensemble models, association analysis, neural nets, random forests using GUI Rattle.

Module 7
Model Building and Predictive Analytics in R
Learning Objectives -At the end of this module, you will be able to use R for building regression models. The learner will learn how to check for heteroscedasticity and multicollinearity and treat the same. In addition, you will be exposed to splitting the modelling dataset into test, control and validation parts. You will learn how to build a model for predictive analytics and apply it for accurate results. This will also include testing the model for stability and statistical rigor including out of time validation.
Topics -Regression models using GUI Rattle, R Commander, car, gvlma, ROCR packages, p values, parameter estimates, Confusion matrix, Sensitivity, Specificity, Information Complexity, MultiCollinearity, Heteroscedasticity, Model Output, Lift Charts, Model Curves.

Module 8
Advanced Topics in R
Learning Objectives -At the end of this module, you will be able to use R for text mining, time series forecasting, web analytics using Google Analytics, or explore Twitter or Facebook for analysis. This will expose the learners to techniques like web analytics for websites, predictive analytics for sales (or any time series data), social network analysis for relationships between entities, text mining for unstructured text data, and social media analytics for publicly available consumer data.
Topics -Forecasting, web analytics, social media analytics, text mining using various packages in R, epack plugin in R Commander, tm package, wordcloud package twitteR package, introduction to social network analysis and social media analytics.

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02 AP Hyderabad 14-Oct’13 15-Oct’13 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14   Software Units layout , inside side of Raheja Mind Space , back of  Inorbit mall ,  Hightech City ,  Hyderabad-500081 Jason-91-40-64568797
03 Karnataka Bangalore - - 2-Nov’13 3-Nov'13 7-Dec’13 8-Dec’13 4-JAN’14 5-JAN’14 DBS center , Cunningham road , Bangalore Sundar Raju
04 Tamilnadu  Chennai - - 9-Nov’13 10-Nov’13 14-Dec’13 15-Dec’13 11-JAN’14 12-JAN’14 CHENNAI, CitiCentre , Level 6, 10/11 Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600 004,India Mr.Balaji : 0 87545 11800
05 Maharashtra Mumbai 19-oct'13 20-Oct'13 9-Nov’13 10-Nov’13 14-Dec’13 15-Dec’13 18-JAN’14 19-JAN’14 DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, Fashion Street. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School Mr.Vasudev
06 Delhi Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida 26-Oct'13 27-Oct'13 23-Nov'13 24-Nov'13 28-Dec’13 29-Dec’13 25-JAN’14 26-JAN’14 Paharpur Business Centre, 21, Nehru Place Greens, New Delhi - 110019   Arun
07 Maharashtra Pune - 9-Nov’13 10-Nov’13 9-Dec’13 10-Dec’13 9-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 Panchasheel tech park,Yerwada, Pune Mr.Manish
08 Westbengal Kolkata 19-Oct’13 20-Oct’13 19-Nov’13 20-Nov’13 19-Dec’13 20-Dec’13 20-JAN’14 21-JAN’14   Constantia, 6/F,Constantia, Dr. U. N. Brahmachari Marg, Kolkata Mr.Hamid : 9088159989
09 Gujarat    Ahmedabad 23-OCT’13 24-OCT’13 23-NOV'13 24-NOV'13 23-DEC'13 24-DEC'13 24-JAN’13 25-JAN’13  Aakruti Complex,Nr. Stadium Cross Road, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, INDIA Mr.Alok
10 AP Vishakhapatnam - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 DBS center Vijay -94400 89341
11 Bihar Patna - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  DBS Center, Patna Jason
12 Chhattisgarh Raipur - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  DBS center ,Raipur Jason
13 Madhya Pradesh Indore - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 Indore Arun :9755598333
14 Haryana Chandigarh - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 Spectramind, 1708/1,  Sector – 39-B, Chandigarh- 160 036 Kavita
15 Kerala     Cochin   - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 ThomasMount ,ICTA Building,Changampuzha Nagar P.O.,Cochin- 682 033 Mr.Manoj: 9995881093
16 Kerala Trivandrum - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  Hotel Classic Avenue, Thampanoor, Trivandrum, Kerala. Mr.Manoj
17 Orissa Bhubaneshwar - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14 Vani Vihar, Bhubaneshwar Mr. Satya Deep : 95811 98770
18 Rajasthan Jaipur - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  DBS center,Jaipur Mr.Manish
19 Tamilnadu    Coimbatore - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  DBS Center Mr.Balaji
20 Uttar Pradesh Lucknow - - 4-Nov’13 8-Nov’13 2-Dec’13 6-Dec’13 6-JAN’14 10-JAN’14  DBS center,Lucknow Mr.Sandeep

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