Block Chain Security COURSE OVERVIEW:

This 3 day instructor-led course will allow a business or a Blockchain network to have elevated Consensus security. The highest-level security breach in Decentralized Blockchain Network is the subversion of the node network or consensus mechanism. Any actors with malicious agenda are the threat, whom need to accumulate significant financial resources to take over.

At the time, when any IDM in terms of loosely coupled Blockchain Channels, it is vital to have Fiduciary Security. This covers handing over private keys to a 3rd party like a coin exchange is the same as giving your cash or passwords to strangers. This course will allow the users of a Blockchain to safeguard by putting in place the implementations their Blockchain data security procedures and policy design.


Differentiate the various types of security from a Blockchain of Cryptocurrency’ perspective
Understanding of various basic Blockchain Security practices
CIA of Blockchain
Confidentiality of a Blockchain Node
Integrity of the Information (Private/Public) of a Blockchain Node
Availability of a Node’s Data in Secured way for Known Nodes to establish Consensus/Voting
Role Based Access Control
Create a Security Policy for:
Identity Management (Blockchain IDM)
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Describe and demonstrate appropriate Blockchain Data safeguarding techniques
Creating of Blockchain Access Log for entries by several users and identify potential security issues
Differentiate between various security threats and attacks
Identify several techniques appropriate to provide basic protection of a Private Blockchain
Describe Incident Response techniques
Identify potential threats to Blockchain for Business (Open/HyperLedger Security)
Create a risk analysis for a Blockchain


This course is highly technical in nature. To prepare for the class all students MUST:

Provide their own computer (Mac/PC/Linux)
It is recommended that your have training or comprehensive understanding in Hyperledger, Ethereum, or Blockchain Architecture

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