Some days ago there was a query whether there are Bach Flowers that help dissolve karma. And as luck would have it, the Graphalogical Research's Post in our group, from Anal Pandit, carried a quote of a 17th Century Poet, George Herbert, which read: "He who cannot forgive others destroys the bridge over which he himself must pass."

I do not personally believe that it was a coincidence that this happened. Will explain further why.

Of course, over here i am not going into the various aspects of Karma viz. The Law of Karma, The 'Gatihi' of Karma, Distinct Features of the Law of Karma, What Karma is all about?, What is Kriyaman, Sanchit and Prarabdha Karma etc etc. Those interested in educating themselves about the finer aspects of Karma, can read this small book, "The Theory of Karma" by Hirabhai Thakkar. Though available in English, one can also get copies in Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi. It gives one a complete idea of what Karma is all about. And what it fails to cover viz its vibratory aspects, is what we will understand here.

Firstly, that Karma is not something solid. It is not like some material. Basically, it is just a vibration hooked into our cellular membrane. But many such vibrations anchored into the cellular membranes of the body, do not give us freedom to be. We are not free to romp thru life with joy, unlike some others we may have seen… but could never know why. We lead a life thats kind of stifled and causing us different shades of sorrows, such as mental anguish, disease, physical impairment, accidents and other such… which deprives us of happiness and makes our progress in life slow and tardy…in fructifying our aspirations, in pursuit of a life of abundance, contentment, love and joy.

What holds on to our cells tenaciously are these vibrations of negativities that we have nurtured, the people we have humiliated, hurt, despised, angered, cheated et all, either knowingly or unknowingly, in this life or in various lifetimes before. The Universal Intelligence preserves this emotional record of all such give and take across lifetimes, bringing those individuals back into one's life to seek retribution or revenge, to settle, once and for all, the back log of "karmic" transactions.

But more often than not, our Ego, the very instrument thru which the whole Karma gets created, does not allow us to see thru the game of Supreme Intelligence and we end up, thru anger or thru feelings of injustice etc, rekindly the fires of karma and fan the flames even more till they hurt us ….perhaps, sometimes in yet another lifetime.

There are certain rules of the game. One, any amount of wanting to get rid of the karma, doesn't help. It only allows it to grow disproportionately. Anger, feeling of injustice, resentments too do not ease it out of our life. On the contrary, it only helps to magnify and multiply it.

There are primarily two magical aspects which are given us to handle karma. One ACCEPTANCE of the fact that "whatever is happening in my life, is due to ME and ME alone". The buck stops here and no one else is RESPONSIBLE for whatever is doled out to me in this life… to face and/or experience.

Two, "no matter what harm or hurts others have caused me, i shall continue to forgive them all, asking for forgiveness of those whom i have hurt or wronged… and forgive myself too".

This isn't validating the wrong actions of whoever has done them. It is an exercise to just set oneself free of that vicious stanglehold on our cellular membranes. It is just setting ourselves free. And its this wisdom that the above quote proclaims: "He who cannot forgive others, destroys the bridge over which he himself must pass".

We have a choice. Either be wise, and accept and forgive all; or be plain stupid and keep complaining, whining, fuming with rage at all that has come our way. The choice and the suffering is ours…and ours alone.

And there are just three Bach Flowers that help us here. For acceptance, a state that's possible only when we give up our Egoistic ways and become more loving and caring, Holly and Chicory; and for being wisely forgiving, Willow.

The Flowers do not per se dissolve our Karma….but make you energetically wise and psychologically and mentally empowered to dissolve it yourself. If we have created the knots of karma, we need to untie and loosen the strands ourselves.

Be blessed, everyone

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