• Step-By-Step BA Career Planning Course
  • New Articles to Help You Succeed as a Business Analyst
  • Prepare for almost any interview question and go into your next business analyst job interview with confidence.
  • Highlight your business analysis experience and get more BA job interviews (even if you’ve never held the “Business Analyst” title).
  • Break down the BA jargon, validate what experience “counts” as business analysis, and find what BA jobs you qualify for.
  • Discover your fastest path into business analysis with a customized BA career options report and a 1-1 consultation.
  • Each Project spans several weeks so you have time to apply what you learned in a work or volunteer setting(this works even if you aren’t currently a BA), ask questions, and receive instructor feedback on your deliverables.
  • Clarify business procedures, find improvement opportunities, and get an “in” to even more business analysis work.
  • Learn to create defect-free requirements specifications and avoid project rework.
  • Ask the right questions and use simple elicitation techniques to get more information about the requirements without being irritating.
  • Get your business users and technologists to agree about what software does or needs to do. (No coding or sophisticated tools required.)
  • Our Professional Development courses do not have prerequisites and there are no inter-dependencies between the courses. While you can participate in the courses in any order, there may be a best order for you personally to take them in given your career situation and career goals.
  • We’ve offered this live project course since the middle of 2005 and the feedback has been incredible. Participants report gaining confidence in their requirements specifications. And that confidence has led to new job opportunities for some, and more elevated BA roles for others.

Answer These Questions :-

  • Would you like to explore how to create shorter and more concise functional software documentation?
  • Does your team overlook requirements for new software systems and you are looking for a better way to involve both business and technical stakeholders in the validation process?
  • Are there current systems or technology issues that need trouble shooting?
  • Would you like to improve or automate a process?
  • Does your organization have confusing or error-ridden processes that could use streamlining?
  • Are you starting a new project and want to ensure you are solving the right problem?
  • Are you new to defining functional or technical requirements?
  • Have you received negative or confusing feedback on your requirements specifications?
  • Do you feel like you are investing too much time and energy in the specification part of your project?
  • Do you feel like your meetings could be more on-track and productive?
  • Are you starting a new project and wondering what questions you should be asking?
  • Would you like to get more clarity from your business conversations?

+ If your Answer is Yes Join us For doing Real time live Business analysis Projects

  • We walk you through the business analysis approach to a project – initiating the project, elaborating the details, and supporting the implementation – and give you some useful guidelines for moving through each phase.
  • Then we discuss what templates are useful in each phase so you can hand-pick the most relevant templates and work samples to your specific project situation and the milestones you are working towards.
  • Finally, we discuss the key characteristics of an effective business analyst, how to use the templates to increase your effectiveness as a business analyst, and some guidelines for applying the templates in your organization.
  • we will help you expand you apply a streamlined way of documenting functional software requirements
  • we will help you expand your business analysis experience by analyzing a business process.
  • we will help you apply formal business analysis techniques and improve your communication skills


Domains Specific Projects : About 500 projects avaialble

  1. Automobile
  2. Aviation
  3. Banking
  4. Financial Services Industry
  5. BPO
  6. Capital Market and Stocks
  7. Consumer Goods
  8. Engineering services
  9. ERP Domain
  10. Healthcare
  11. High-tech
  12. HR Domain
  13. Infra
  14. Insurance
  15. Life sciences
  16. Oil and Gas
  17. Pharmacy
  18. Railways
  19. Retail
  20. Strategic Management
  21. Supply Chain Management
  22. Telecom
  23. Travel and Hospitality
  24. Usability Domain

Registration Details

Course Fee: Single Nomination: INR 12000/- (For 1 Project Only)

Duration : 1 Month (25hrs).

Venue : Spectramind Technologies , Flat 617,Annapurna Block,Aditya Enclave,Ameerpet,Hyderabad-500016

Contact Details:

Mr. Jason

Phone: 0091 040-6456 8797

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