Angels are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. After all, the term angel means “messenger of God.” The angels can reach us and teach us, no matter how stressed, or afraid we are.
No matter how stressed or afraid we may be, our angels can still reach us and teach us:
How to awaken from the nightmares of pain, suffering, victimhood, and other aspects of fear
How to receive downloads of brilliant ideas and epiphanies, as well as practical ideas and guidance to help you in everyday life
A more detailed explanation of what free-will truly means
Why some prayers seem to be unanswered
How angels help if you forget to ask God for guidance
The spiritual truth of abundance
The reality of lasting happiness
The angels are delighted to share these important messages with you.
In this course, Angels will guide you in empowering yourself to get in touch with your creative spirit. Having the courage to look within means that you’re willing to do whatever it takes for your inspiration. It’s in your deepest feelings that you find the passion to create. Your creative endeavors can be more than a hobby—you can build a business or career doing what you love.

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