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“All of Life Comes To Me With Ease, Joy, and Glory”

“To change anything you have to be willing to make a demand of yourself to change. Not a demand of others but a demand of yourself." ~ Gary M. Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness.

What FUN and adventure can you have on discovering YOU?
If you find this question interesting, come along to an Access Bars Class in order to discover more. Access Bars is the first step towards Access Consciousness.

What is the Allowance?
Being in allowance requires the person to make a choice. I may not be able to change anything, yet I am choosing how to deal with it instead of being at the effect of it. And, since I am in an active position, I may find a way to change at least something in the situation.
With allowance, I can let another person have their view point, despite me having a totally different one, without having the need to either defend my viewpoint or have any emotion come up.
With allowance I can be friends with someone who does not see the world my way, based on the fact that the person is kind, or funny, or likes to do things with others, etc. And I can choose to be who I am without having the need of someone else’s approval.
The Allowance Class
Allowance is a creative energy that allows you to be in the question that allows you to change anything.
If you have no allowance you cannot receive, if you cannot receive you cannot have success.
Is it time to come out of judgment of you and anybody else, and achieve a level of success that you’ve been asking for, but haven’t been able to create?
What would it take for your allowance to increase a god zillion times*…right now?
The class will be facilitated by a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator -CFMW

Date,Time and Duration
Every week : Monday to Friday only [ Pre Registration Mandatory].
The One month Online whatsapp class will be any time as per your convenience start at 9.30 am and continue till 4.30 pm.

• The fee for the class is INR 1000/- Only

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