APMG Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) Course

As the pace of change accelerates and pressure builds to deliver greater value, traditional project management methods that worked in more stable and predictable environments become less reliable. The project management team needs to respond quickly whilst demonstrating control and reliability. Agile Project Management offers a practical and repeatable methodology, combining a process covering the whole project lifecycle with a flexible and more collaborative approach.

Agile projects are characterised by highly self-empowered teams delivering products incrementally with a focus on early delivery of real benefits to the business. Unlike more traditional approaches, Agile projects fix time, cost and quality at the early phases of the project and manage contingency by developing a clear view of priorities in collaboration with the business.

The AgilePM certification lives up to its name by providing users of the methos with the core principles needed to facilitate a successful project, whilst allowing a degree of scope and agility that not many other methodologies provide.

Based on the proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, this certification provides standards, process and visibility, whilst encouraging the early delivery of benefits by empowering the team. If you are involved with or responsible for projects, then this course agile project management course will offer you valuable skills and insights into this collaborative and flexible approach.

Foundation Exam 60MCQ [50% pass] 1Hr exam:

MI - Reqs, Est, Measure, Qual, Test & CM - 6Q
PC - Planning, Control, PM, Risk -8Q
PG01 - Philosophy and General -9Q
PL - Process - Lifecycle -5Q
PR - Principles -9Q
PS - Products -7Q
TE - Techniques -16Q

Course Objectives

This course will enable delegates to:

Understand the concepts, benefits and risks of Agile development
Understand the philosophy, approach and principles of Agile PM, using DSDM Atern
Understand the DSDM Atern lifecycle and products
Set up appropriate project teams
Plan and run a facilitated workshop
Model and prototype aspects of the solution
Elicit, analyse, prioritise and manage requirements
Create a timeboxed plan for a project
Understand the importance of negotiation and collaboration
Use their skills to set up and manage an Agile project
Understand Agile Project Management at the Practitioner-Level
Have knowledge and insight to enable them to manage an Agile project
Demonstrate their status as a Practitioner (dependant upon examination results)
Run a facilitated workshop
Model and prototype aspects of the solution
Elicit, express, prioritise and manage requirements
Create a timeboxed plan for a project
Use their skills on a DSDM Atern project

Target Audience
Those who are likely to become involved in Agile projects, including:
Project Managers
Team Leaders
Business Analysts
Solution Analysts and Designers
Solution Developers and Implementers
User Representatives and subject matter experts
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers

An AgilePM® Certification allows individuals to:

Develop a more advanced, applied level of knowledge to gain an understanding of agile and the ability to apply relevant project management methods, leading to successful agile projects
Clarify different management styles needed for successful agile projects compared to traditional projects and be able to tailor these to the situation
Actively promote trust and close co-operation between the business and developers and gives the business ongoing visibility into what is happening
Combine knowledge of more traditional management methodologies with agile to better adapt to a changing business environment
Improve time-to-market and project success rates while simultaneously accelerating results by encouraging stakeholder involvement, feedback and effective controls.

An AgilePM® Certification allows organisations to:

Deliver change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk by continually validating project milestones against business objectives
Complement and work with existing corporate processes such as PRINCE2®, quality and audit processes which improves rigour and visibility around project management, leading to a proven track record of successful delivery in a corporate environment
Simply adopt a tried and tested approach rather than developing and integrating a company-specific agile management process
Achieve better communication and control over projects and adapt project plans without disrupting the project budget, timescale and scope
Develop professionalism in employees and include agile certification in employee professional development schemes.

Course Syllabus

Session 1 – Introduction to Agile
Introduction to the basic concepts of AgilePM and its history, along with its eight underlying principles.

Session 2–Roles & Responsibilities
Introduces the roles and responsibilities that are recommended by DSDM Atern.

Session 3 – Preparing for Agile
This session examines the way AgilePM views the project constraints, explains the factors affecting project success and describes the AgilePM approach to testing and configuration management.

Session 4 – Process & Products
This session examines how the AgilePM views style differs from a more traditionalproject approach. It goes on to look at the phases of the Agile lifecycle and the different configurations, and looks at the key documents used across the Agile lifecycle.

Session 5 – Communications
A detailed look at how AgilePM uses different techniques to improve project communications.

Session 6 – Prioritisation , Timeboxing, Control & Risk
This session looks at techniques such as the MoSCoW principle and the concept of Timeboxing in an Agile project. It goes on to look at maintaining control in an Atern project and describes the way in which Agile helps to mitigate risk.

Session 7 – Requirements , Estimating, Measurement ,Quality & Planning
This session describes the estimating and measurement activities used in an Agile project. It goes on to explain how Atern addresses quality and the approach to planning in an Atern project.

India Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch5-Date Batch6-Date Batch7-Date Batch8-Date Venue Contact
1 Telangana/AP Hyderabad 28-Feb’20 2-Mar’20 9-Mar’20 116-Mar’20 23-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 6-Apr’20 13-Apr’20 Flat # 617, 6th Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016, Telangana, India vijay 0-9440089341
2 Karnataka Bangalore 28-Feb’20 2-Mar’20 9-Mar’20 116-Mar’20 23-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 6-Apr’20 13-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, DBS center, Cunningham road, Bangalore and Sanjayanagara Bangalore vijay 0-9731330926
3 TamilNadu Chennai - - - - 7-Mar’20 8-Mar’20 11-Apr’20 12-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, CHENNAI, CitiCentre , Level 6, 10/11 Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600 004,India vijay 0-9440089341
4 Maharashtra Mumbai - - - - 21-Mar’20 22-Mar’20 18-Apr’20 19-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND,DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, FashionStreet. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School vijay 0-9440089341
5 Delhi Delhi - - - - 28-Mar’20 29-Mar’20 25-Apr’20 26-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND,Paharpur Business Centre, 21, Nehru Place Greens, New Delhi - 110019 vijay 0-9440089341
6 West Bengal Kolkata - - - - 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , The Legacy, 1st Floor, 25-A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, 700017 vijay 0-9440089341
7 Maharashtra Pune - - - - 13-Mar’20 14-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , The Legacy, 1st Floor, 25-A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, 700017 vijay 0-9440089341

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