Afc-Applications in Federal Contracting

In CON 120, you will build upon what you have learned in your previous federal contracting courses and further enhance your federal acquisition skills and knowledge. You will expand your leadership, problem solving and negotiation skills as you work alongside other federal acquisition professionals in a complex series of coordinated exercises.

This is a practice-based program that lets you and your team members work through the complete federal acquisition process, from needs assessment to contract closeout. Building through each phase of the acquisition process, you will determine how to address issues relating to everything from market research to source selection and award, on through contract administration and closeout.

You will gain valuable viewpoints from your peers as you work collaboratively on in-class projects. In addition to practicing your skills and gaining valuable feedback, you can learn best practices from your classmates. Confirm your mastery of the core knowledge and skills of the federal acquisition process, gain additional confidence to practice your strengthened skills in your organization, and advance your skills and knowledge so you can develop your career.

Reminder: This course is intended for participants who have completed CON 100: Shaping Smart Business Arrangements, Federal Contracting Basics (CON 110), Source Selection: The Best- Value Process (CON 111) and Operating Practices in Contract Administration (CON 112), all of which are strongly recommended prior to enrollment.

Federal Contract Management Process and Competencies
Overview of the federal acquisition system
Major stages of contract life cycle
Composition of effective acquisition teams
Acquisition team roles and responsibilities
Key competencies of acquisition professionals at each stage contract life cycle
Source selection overview
Leadership in federal acquisition environment
Leadership and followership
Leadership styles
Leadership competencies
Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving
Decision making and problem solving
Problem solving/decision making steps
Spectramind’s problem solving/response process
Commercial and Non-Commercial Item Acquisition
Commercial v. non-commercial items: similarities and differences
Socioeconomic considerations
Competition responsibilities
Issuing and amending the solicitation
Preparing for proposal evaluations
Government pricing objectives
Cost analysis and price analysis
Documenting the award
Post-award conference
Contract administration issues
Contract performance monitoring and control
Contract closeout
Task Order Contracting
IDIQ and task order contracting
Contract terms and conditions
Fair opportunity
Source selection procedure for multiple award contract
Administration of task order

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