Applied Earned Value Management Training Seminar
Applied Earned Value Management emphasizes the processes related to the Performance Management Baseline (PMB), the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) and the American National Standards Institute/Electronic Industries Alliance Standard 748 (ANSI/EIA-748) for Earned Value Management (EVM) systems. You'll gain hands-on knowledge of the EVM process and EVM metrics, including Estimates at Completion (EAC), as well as an overview of the EVM process from project development to execution.

You'll learn to use tools for managing data associated with EVM as they apply to federal acquisition management in the cost contract environment. You'll also learn EVM skills through hands-on exercises and a multi-part case study that takes you from EVM project baseline formation at the beginning of the project through the challenges of ongoing assessments and reassessments of cost, schedule and performance to the project changes. You'll end the course with an understanding of project surveillance.

You'll benefit from relevant discussions with your peers and an experienced EVM instructor.

Reminder: This course is designed for those who will be required to calculate and interpret the EVM data generated in capital asset acquisitions. The course has been designed for federal members of integrated procurement teams and for commercial personnel dealing with EVM on government contracts. While the course is based on the government's use of EVM for major capital asset investments, commercial contracting personnel will find they can readily apply the principles taught here to commercial capital asset investments as well.

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