Acms -Advanced Contracting for Mission Support

This course is the capstone federal contract applications course for the 200 level Contracting curriculum. Participants apply the knowledge and skills gained from the previous contracting courses in a case study environment. Course participants demonstrate their ability to negotiate fair and reasonable prices and to consider the legal implications for various contract situations. The course helps develop critical thinking, cost analysis, negotiation, and contract administration skills necessary for successful contract performance.

Target Audience
This course is for intermediate-level contracting personnel who are Level I certified in Contracting and have 2 years of contracting experience

Students who successfully complete this AMCI equivalent course will be able to:
Develop a proactive strategic approach to satisfy the customer’s evolving requirements;
Take appropriate action to resolve various situations with legal implications;
Use a Defense Contract Audit Agency audit report to prepare a negotiation objective;
Apply the full range of contract pricing techniques to develop a pre-negotiation objective;
Develop a negotiation strategy for a noncompetitive negotiation;
Conduct a noncompetitive negotiation; and
Manage contract performance in accordance with the contract. .

Decision Making and Problem Solving
Mission Support Planning
Solicitation Preparation
Response Evaluation and Award
Performance Assessment
Contract Modification and Negotiation Exercises
Contract Closeout

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