ACCESS (Access Energy Transformation): "Energy technique" that supposedly works with the "creative force" to free it and connect it to the "Light" ("us"). Allegedly, Novian, a "Being of Light," channeled the method to Gary Douglas through the Russian monk Grigori Efimovich Rasputin (1872?-1916). ACCESS theory posits: (a) 32 "Bars," points on the head that are a means of allowing the flow of bodily "energies"; (b) a "Soul"; (c) "Implants," electrical devices (e.g., a "False Immune System") inserted in another lifetime and attached "electrically" to the Soul's "energy"; and (d) "Entities," disembodied beings or "thought forms." Purportedly, ACCESS removes "energetic blocks" at cellular and "etheric" levels and enables one to reclaim "awareness as an eternal being."

Access Consciousness is not religious.

It’s not something you have to worship.

It’s not something you have to do.

It’s not something you have to see as greater than you.

It’s something you have to see as the possibility of a different possibility that has never been a possibility in this reality.


Access Consciousness is a different point of view about life. It’s based on the idea that you’re not wrong, that you know and that consciousness can shift anything. It gives you access to the possibilities that exist when you no longer stick yourself and no longer believe that you are stuck. If you had total choice available, what would you create?

The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness, where everything exists and nothing is judged. It allows you to change anything you cannot change and create everything you desire in a different and easier way. Are you ready to expand the level of choices and possibilities that are available to you?

Could you imagine if your life & living were about the adventure of, “Universe, show me what else is possible?”
These life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, it provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving. Then life becomes an adventure of what would I like to choose? What would I like to create? How much fun can I have being alive?

Course Access Bars Access The Foundation level 1 Access Certified Facilitator Access BODY PROCESS Facilitator Access FACELIFT Facilitator Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Certified Facilitator Joy of Business Facilitator Trainer Right Body For You Certified Facilitator Right Relationship For You Facilitator Right Voice For You Certified Facilitator Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator Mestro 7Day Event
PRE-REQUISITES none Access Bars® 2 Access Bars Classes AND 2 The Foundation classes (after Bars)(previously Foundation & Level 1) AND **2 Choice of Possibilities (COP) classes (previously Level 2&3) AND 3 day Energetic Synthesis of Being Intensive (you only have to take this class ONCE in your Access history.) AND **4 Day Symphony of Possibilities - Advanced Training with Dr. Dain Heer (you only have to take this class ONCE in your Access history.) AND purchase and listen to the 10 Commandments telecall by Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer (10 Keys to your freedom)(you can do this anytime) AND **Purchase and listen to the Distractor Implant telecall (you can do this anytime) AND Purchase and listen to the Deal and Deliver telecall from the Conversations in Consciousness tele series (you can do this anytime), AND **Purchase and listen to the Need and Tug telecall (you can do this anytime) ANDSalon des Femmes: Read the book or have attended the tele call series or purchase the teleseries in the shop (mp3 or on USB stick) , AND **The Gentlemen’s Club: Read the book or have attended the online class or purchase the livestream replay in the shop (also can purchase USB stick which comes with live stream replay) , AND purchase and read the reference materials (you can only do this after you have completed The Foundation and Choice of Possibilities classes and must have completed COP within the last 12 months to order the reference materials)(email to request purchase ) **NEW REQUIREMENT in effect MARCH 2017: Deal & Deliver For Your Life 3-part telecall, *One (1) of the Choice of Possibilities classes must have been completed within the last 12 months from the start date of the Facilitators Training. Attend at least one Bars AND one The Foundation class (formerly called Foundation & Level 1) , AND Attend at least one 3-Day Access Body Class Attend at least one Bars AND one The Foundation class (formerly called Foundation & Level 1)** , AND Attend at least one 3-Day Access Body Class AND ** Perform the Facelift at least 20 times Bars, AND Foundation (Level 1) AND, COP (Level 2&3) AND: being either a Bars Facilitator, or a Certified Access Consciousness facilitator AND: Two 2 day ESSE horse classes, or two 2 day CHCR classes by either Gary Douglas (the 3 days prior to this class would count) Hanne Stigaard, Anna Ullenius or Viv Adcock, or one ESSE and one CHCR (2 day classes) Two Access Business 101 Classes (one live). AND-Two Access Business 102 Classes (one live). AND-One of these classes must be with Simone Milasas . AND-Complete Gary Douglas’s . AND-12 Steps to Creating a Greater Business Telecall. AND-Complete Gary Douglas’s Phenomenance of Business Telecall. AND-Be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator The Right Body for You workshop the days before, Bars, AND Foundation AND COP (formerly F/1, 2, 3) - AND. You must be a licensed Access Consciousness® Facilitator-AND . Two – 2 Day New Beginnings with Right Relationship For You™ classes- AND. One – 2 Day Advanced Sexual-ness Right Relationship for You™ class- AND. RRFY™ Coaching & Leadership Certification in person class- AND. Purchase & Completion of the Finding You? Creating You! Relationship Key Package You must be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF) . AND - You must have attended two Level 2&3s in the previous 2 years . AND - You must attend two 2 or 2.5 Day RVFY Classes (1 must be with Blossom Benedict). AND - You must attend the most recent Live 3 Day Facilitator Training with Blossom Benedict. AND -Attend one ESB & one SOP with Dain Heer (live or online) - Access Consciousness Bars, AND Foundation, Level One, and AND COP Level 2&3- AND must be an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator (CF)- AND Complete Talk To The Entities Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced classes. One of these classes must be attended live. AND - Also must read Talk To The Entities Book. Mestro 7Day Event
DURATION (No. of Days) **1 4 5 3 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9

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The tools of Access are weird, wild and wacky… and they work! They can change anything that is not working for you and expand your life beyond what you’ve ever imagined possible.

What is Access Consciousness, The Bars?

Access Consciousness (BARS), is a hands on energy process that activates 32 points on your head. These points store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had about anything. There are bars for Healing, Body, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Power, Aging, Sex and Money just to name a few. Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to have that area of your life show up as great, easy and joyful as it really could be.

Activating these points is like going into the hard drive of your brain and deleting all the files that are not serving you. The more we delete, the more space there is in you and your life to begin receiving that which you truly desire.

One of the tools used in any access session is the question. The question empowers. Questions that will challenge your belief system, your judgments and points of view. Questions that will unlock the places of limitation, and bring light to where you are choosing not to have choices. What can I be, do, have, create or generate that would make my life and the world a better place? What would it take for you to realize how crucial you are to the possibilities of the world?

According to Barbra Gilman, “You whole life can change with total ease in just one Bars session! I know because I have experienced dramatic change myself!” She says, “I love this type of energy work because it’s the easiest way to become more conscious without having to spend years with a therapist and pay thousands of dollars sitting in an office regurgitating old stuff.”

“The Bars” are the foundation of Access and were the first tool developed by Gary Douglas almost 20 years ago.

What can I expect from an Access “Bars” session?

Running the “Bars” is a simple, non-invasive, energy process where the facilitator lightly touches each point on the head to release the energy. The recipient is fully clothed.

By having your “BARS” run you can release layers of self-judgment and learn what it really means to accept yourself, while receiving a life of ease, joy and glory.

What would it be like to love yourself enough to not judge yourself anymore? An Access “Bars” session is an incredibly transformational process that not only initiates change, but also leaves you deeply relaxed, with a sense of inner peace, ease, as well as a space and feeling there is more possibility available to you. What else is possible?

No two sessions will ever be exactly the same, even if you have the same person run your Bars each time. Every session will access new energies, new areas of your life and body, with the over all affect of facilitating more ease in every aspect of life.

Some of the benefits clients have experienced:
- Relieves the tension in both mind and body
- Creates a lasting feeling of peace and well-being
- You feel both relaxed and invigorated at the same time
- Quiets the distracting chatter in your head
- Releases the blocks caused by the build up of anger, frustration and exhaustion where it locks into your body
- Improves your interpersonal relationships by creating a space of allowance for self and others
- Shifts the places where limitation is being created and opens you up to receiving more possibility in all areas of life
- Allows more energy to be available to you
- Known to improve children’s grades, study habits, and behaviour
- Many people report that it assists them in sleeping more soundly.

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Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.

The aim of Access is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. To get you to the point where you have access to total awareness, with no judgment of anything. If you have no judgment of anything, then you get to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what it ought to be, but just for what it is.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life — greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.

Although tools of Access Consciousness have generated a great deal of change in the lives of many people, Access does not declare itself to be the only way. Access empowers you to know what is true for you. What if you actually know far more than you’ve ever acknowledged?


• Begin to create all of life coming to you with ease and joy and glory!
• Learn how to create greater possibilities in any situation.
• With the tools of Access Consciousness™-
• It is not only possible to change anything; it is also easier than you think!
• Become who you truly are. No more hiding or playing small, no more limitations.
• Learn how your choices create everything.
• Change your choices and you change your entire reality!
• Only you know what is really true for you…
• Start applying what is suggested right away, and change will begin for you.
• You don’t have to believe in this for it to work, you just have to give it a try.
• Over 50 body alchemy processes to transform and transmute your body to experience more ease, joy and vitality.
• Everything you chose up to this moment got you here. What would it be like to acknowledge that you know what works for you? What would it be like to start living from what you know?

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Why Access BARS Course : -

• Increased metabolism
• Better Sleep
• Health and Wellness
• Money and Abundance
• Improved relationships
• Inner Joy and Internal Harmony
• Students perform better in exams
• Personal Empowerment

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Course : Money Access

So if money is simply a form of energy transfer and energy is consciousness, if consciousness includes everything including money, how much have we bastardized money and the consciousness it be in our reality? How much have we made money a wrongness or even a rightness? How meaningful or meaningless has it become? How much in this this have we created the divide between the haves and have not? In truth is money good or bad or is that simply a judgement we have projected upon it? Money just is, it is up to you how you use it or make it work for you and the world/ consciousness or not.

See what we say about money and feel the energy that imbues into it -
Money is the root of all evil, dirty sexy money, money can't bring you happiness, money doesn't grow on trees (if you're an apple grower does your crop, the money grow on trees?), the best things in life are free, you'll pay and arm and a leg for that, another day, another dollar, I'm not made of money, penny pinching, money makes the world go round, money is a good servant but a bad master, pay peanuts, get monkeys, where there's muck there's brass, blood money, gold digger, money makes the world go round. And there's many more!!

How much does that endear the energy of money to you and how much are you programmed not to receive even when it is offered, even when the universe wishes to gift you? How much of an invitation are you to it? How much do we we resist receiving money from certain people, places and by association we decide it is tainted, corrupted or contaminated from that source? Anywhere you put up barriers also limits your money flows. If you won't receive people of different religion, sect, nationality, sex, sexuality or such you also can't receive their money. If you have decided you will not receive money from unethical sources, business or people or even from those who are unconscious or working in anti-consciousness then have you not cut off the money flows you could have received from the majority of the population? Is it really the money that has that negative energy or just your judgments of the people? Could you not receive the money and then use it for consciousness instead, yet how many ways do you find to abuse you or others financially?

Would having money be a contribution to you, your, life, living, body, reality and being? Would it be welcomed by your body to buy the clothes, food or whatever else your body would enjoy? Can you create and generate more change in others realities by having money or not having it? Who's money reality are you living? Have you received projections that if you had money you would waste and squander it, be used and abused for it? Are you living the financial reality of your parents or ancestors? Are you living the limitations, patterns, judgments, programs and beliefs from even other lifetimes, dimensions or realities relating to money e.g, religious vows of poverty or piety? Are you only willing to have the money flows that match those around you so you have common ground and don't get judged for having more?

Some things to think about and maybe clear.
What does money mean to you?
What bastardization of money are you using to invoke and perpetrate the perpetual lack, resistance and non receiving of it are you choosing?
Could money be a conscious contribution to your life and living and are you ready and willing to receive that and choose it now?
Where, how and from whom are you unwilling to receive money which if you allowed you to receive it would transform your life to phenomenal living?
How many ways are you refusing money and what thoughts and beliefs do you have around that? Are they real and true or have you just validated them as such?
What inventions, lies and illusions around money are you using to create the constant financial struggle rather than the prosperity and abundant money flows you could be choosing?
What stupidity are you using to create the money flows you are choosing?
What awareness around money could you have and receive that would totally transform your financial reality to one of ease, joy and glory?
Will you destroy and uncreate all your decisions, conclusions, judgments and computations around money?
Will you destroy and uncreate all rejections, projection, separations and judgments of money?
Will you destroy and uncreate all form, structure and significance of money to have greater choice?
Have you bought into the global financial crisis as real and true so are living accordingly?
What would freedom with money look and feel like?
Are you ready to choose money and the gift it could be?
Would you destroy and uncreate everywhere you have uninvited money into your life, past, present and projected into the future? Do this one daily.
Would you allow you ease and joy with money?
You can also destroy and uncreate your relationship with money daily.

There's so much more that could be said here but here's a few things to help you begin to identify what your relationship with money is as requested by a number of people recently. Hope it helps.

Money Consciousness topics :

Money & Consciousness

  • Setting the Scene
  • Transforming Your Relationship with Money
  • Expanding Your Consciousness around Money
  • Shifting the Focus from Scarcity to Prosperity
  • Taking a Leadership Role in Our Lives
  • Creating Our Lives as a Celebration
  • Are You Functioning in the Scarcity Paradigm?
  • Tools You Can Use to Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs about Money

Money Is Not the Problem: The Problem Is Our Unwillingness to Receive

  • Becoming Willing to Receive
  • Receiving the Greatness of You
  • What We Have Decided That We Can’t Receive Limits What We Can Have
  • Be Willing to Receive Everything and to Lose Everything Receiving Everything No Matter What It Looks Like
  • What Are You Unwilling to Receive?
  • Judgment
  • The Willingness to Do Something Is Not the Same as Actually Doing It
  • Become Willing to Receive Everything
  • Tools You Can Use to Enhance Your Ability to Receive Money— and Everything Else

Gifting and Receiving

  • The Give-and-Take Program vs. Gifting
  • Giving to Someone Who Can’t Receive
  • It’s Not Gifting When There Is an Obligation Attached to the Gift Simultaneous Gifting and Receiving
  • Tools You Can Use to Discover the Simultaneity of Gifting & Receiving

The Power of Gratitude

  • A Scarcity Frame of Mind Keeps People from Experiencing True Gratitude
  • Dealing with Envy, Resentment, Bitterness, and Fear
  • Getting to the Truth of Feelings and Reactions
  • What Does Living with Gratitude Look Like? Gratitude Is about Receiving
  • Gratitude Booster
  • Tools You Can Use to Develop Gratitude

Living In And As The Question

  • Asking Questions Creates an Invitation
  • Don’t Worry about the Answer; Focus on the Question Replacing Negative Thoughts with Unlimited Questions Asking Questions to Get Out of a Sticky Situation
  • A Question to Use on a Daily Basis
  • Tools You Can Use to Attract the People, Circumstances, and Opportunities You Desire

Following The Energy

  • Letting Go of Control
  • Following the Energy Is about Receiving
  • Asking Questions That Will Facilitate the Outcomes We Desire Stop Making It Significant
  • Tools You Can Use to Create Your Business, Career or Work Situation

Whatever You Would Like To Be, You Have To Be It Now, Right Up Front

  • Breaking Away from the Do, Do, and Do-More Reality
  • Setting the Creative Process in Motion
  • Who Would You Be If You Had Huge Amounts of Money? Making a Choice to Become Greater Than What You’ve Been Willing to Be
  • Changing Your Consciousness with a Corresponding Change in Your Outer Reality
  • Everything Is a Choice: Everything Is Infinite Possibility
  • Secrets of People Who Are Truly Prosperous
  • Seeing Through the Lie of Scarcity and Lack
  • Becoming Aware of Our Points of View about Money and Abun- dance
  • Tools to Help You Claim, Own, and Acknowledge Prosperity Consciousness as a State of Being

Being Out of Control, Out of Definition & Out of Limitation 100

  • Do You Create Your Life from Obligation?
  • Are You Staying in a Job You Hate?
  • Tools You Can Use to Begin Consciously Creating Your Life

Do What You Enjoy In Life

  • Discovering What We Love to Do
  • So, What Do You Love to Do?
  • Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow
  • All Things Are Possible
  • Is Your Life Enough for You?
  • If Money Were Not an Object, Would You Do the Job You Are Doing Now?
  • Two Questions to Ask Every Morning
  • Living in Ten-Second Increments
  • Tools for Discovering What You Love to Do

Living On The Creative Edge 123

  • What Does Living on the Creative Edge Mean? Starting to Live on the Creative Edge
  • Living on the Creative Edge Is about Receiving Creating Your Reality
  • Get a Sense of What You Wish Your Life, Work, and Business to Be
  • Destroying and Uncreating Our Business
  • Conscious Creation
  • What Are the Infinite Possibilities?
  • Creating Ourselves Anew Every Day
  • Seeing Possibilities
  • Tools You Can Use to Consciously Create Your Life

Prosperity Consciousness Is A Choice

  • A Chronic Sense of Insufficiency
  • Interesting Point of View: Being in Allowance
  • Making It Infinite
  • What Happens When People Do Not Change Their Conscious- ness about Money?
  • Become Aware of the Thought Patterns That Sabotage You Letting Go of the Scarcity Mind-set
  • Truth and Lies
  • Perceive, Know, Be, and Receive
  • To Choose or Not to Choose—Your Choice
  • Exercising the Power of Choice
  • “I Don’t Want Money”
  • Out of Scarcity and into Prosperity
  • Showing Up as the Infinite Being You Are
  • Tools to Help You Choose Prosperity Consciousness

Course : Bars Class Topics

During the Bars Class you will be:
• Introduced to the essentials of Access Consciousness
• Explanation of the various points or Bars on the head and their significance and the procedure of ‘Running the Bars’
• Practice ‘Running the Bars’ on two people and have your ‘Bars Run’ twice
• Shown how to sense what is true and what is a lie
• Explanation of how to ask questions to generate greater possibilities in your life
• Explanation of the clearing statement and how to use them to clear the energies blocking in our lives.
• You will be given a manual along with diagrams and photographs of the points to help you get to know these well.
• Access Bars Practitioner Certification will be given.
• Provided with tea, juices and light snacks during the class

India Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch5-Date Batch6-Date Batch7-Date Batch8-Date Venue Contact
1 Telangana/AP Hyderabad 4-Jan’20 5-Jan’20 11-Jan’20 12-Jan’20 18-Jan’20 19-Jan’20 25-Jan’20 26-Jan’20 Flat # 617, 6th Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016, Telangana, India vijay 0-9440089341
2 Karnataka Bangalore 4-Jan’20 5-Jan’20 1-Feb’20 2-Feb’20 7-Mar’20 8-Mar’20 4-Apr’20 5-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, DBS center, Cunningham road, Bangalore vijay 0-9731330926
3 TamilNadu Chennai 11-Jan’20 12-Jan’20 8-Feb’20 9-Feb’20 14-Mar’20 15-Mar’20 11-Apr’20 12-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, CHENNAI, CitiCentre , Level 6, 10/11 Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600 004,India vijay 0-9440089341
4 Maharashtra Mumbai 18-Jan’20 19-Jan’20 15-Feb’20 16-Feb’20 21-Mar’20 22-Mar’20 18-Apr’20 19-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND,DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, FashionStreet. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School vijay 0-9440089341
5 Delhi Delhi 25-Jan’20 26-Jan’20 22-Feb’20 23-Feb’20 21-Mar’20 22-Mar’20 25-Apr’20 26-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND,Paharpur Business Centre, 21, Nehru Place Greens, New Delhi - 110019 vijay 0-9440089341
6 West Bengal Kolkata 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , The Legacy, 1st Floor, 25-A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, 700017 vijay 0-9440089341
7 Maharashtra Pune 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , The Legacy, 1st Floor, 25-A, Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata, 700017 vijay 0-9440089341

International Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch5-Date Batch6-Date Batch7-Date Batch8-Date Venue Contact
1 USA Charlotte,North Carolina, 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SpectraMind , TBD SHamshuddin +1 – (980) -202- 8567
2 USA Raleigh, North Carolina 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, TBD SHamshuddin +1 – (980) -202- 8567
3 USA Washington DC 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, TBD SHamshuddin +1 – (980) -202- 8567
4 USA Richmond, Virginia 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND, TBD SHamshuddin +1 – (980) -202- 8567
5 UK London 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND,TBD Alok :
6 Ukraine Ukraine 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Mykhailo : +380 73 304 8268
7 Singapore Singapore 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Deepa :
8 Malaysia Kullampur 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Kamal : +60 12 224 9674
9 Philippines Makata 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Sandeep : +63 917 872 3931
10 Dubai/Saudi Dubai 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Ajmal : +966 53 146 2904
11 Africa Johannesburg 30-Jan’20 31-Jan’20 29-Feb’20 1-Mar’20 30-Mar’20 31-Mar’20 29-Apr’20 30-Apr’20 SPECTRAMIND , TBD Kireeti : +27 74 725 1511

Pls send us your query , will answer back within 24Hrs: Thanks in advance for contacting us

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Access Consciousness would like to give you an opportunity to look at the world from a different place. It's not about telling you how to create your life, how to live your life or how to function in your life. The target is, to give you the space to look at your life as a totally different possibility. This 2-day Foundation class is where you begin.


Being Humanoid
Secret Agendas
Conscious Embodiment
Creating Financial Awareness
Oneness & Consciousness
Questions to Change Anything
Valuing You
Blistering Success
Culture of Consciousness
… and much more

Having completed an Access Foundation class, this 2-day Level 1 class takes you further into living from no-judgement and opens the door to greater possibility and choice.

Course : WHAT IS ACCESS LEVEL 1 Foundation ?

This class gives you more tools and know how to be more conscious in every aspect of your life and wipe away the anti-consciousness and unconsciousness effortlessly and easily. You receive practical tools so that when you go out in the world again, class doesn't end as you leave; it is a continuation of your life as a more conscious being

Course : Level 1 TOPICS :

Phenomenal Life
Creating Energy Flows
Magic for Your Own Benefit
Money, Abundance & Wealth
The 5 Elements of Intimacy
Acoustical Vibration of Gold
Employing this Reality
Cost of Relationship & Copulation
Celebrating Living
… and much more
In addition, you will be provided with an 100+ page manual to take home.

Course : ACCESS LEVEL 2 & 3

These two classes are offered by Access Consciousness® founder, Gary Douglas or co-creator, Dr. Dain Heer. They are about giving you access to the space where you begin to recognize the truth, the potentials and the capacities of you as an infinite being. As you begin to recognize how different you are, you start becoming aware of the choices that you make, the choices you would like to make, and what you would like to generate as your life with ease… financially, in relationships, in your work and beyond…
What else would you like to add to your life? And what catalyst for change could you be in the world if you unleashed the real you? Would you be willing to function from the energy, space and consciousness you truly be? And would you be willing to be more of you than you have ever been before? With ease, joy and glory? And maybe just a little bit of happiness too?

Course : Access Body Processes

Access Consciousness has discovered over 50 energies that can facilitate a body to change and transform. Each of these transformational energies are run on the body as a body-process and allow the body to begin healing itself. Each process works in a different area and multiple processes can contribute and expand the change that is possible.

Access body processes can benefit many areas of the body including:

  • Aging and Olding
  • ADD, ADHD, Autism
  • Asthma and Allergies
  • Clearing Mind Chatter
  • Detoxification/Toxicity
  • Emotional Support
  • Hearing and Vision
  • Increased Energy
  • Immune System Function
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Stress and Sleep
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Tumors and Cancer
  • Weight and Body Issues

Correcting Vision Body process

Do this as hands on process to assist in helping to correct x vision. It may also help on
sinus problems as well. Adding zero sum of trauma to the vision process could also
help undo traumatic experience to the eyes, such as being exposed to bright lights like
Cataracts on animals: There are a lot of projections on animals that they aren’t seeing
it your way. Start with the projections and expectations on what the animal can’t or
won’t see, then do the hands on process.
Location: Hands over the eyes. Check what pressure is comfortable for your client.
Follow the energy.

Ask for all these energies to turn on:
Protocols, factors and focal points

Duplicating systemic creational systems

Conflictual paradigms

Conflictual universes

Conflictual matrixes of realities

Conflictual matrixes of perception

Trifold sequencing systems

Vibrational wavelength systems

Shock trauma systems

Zero sum of trauma

Aversion therapies to infinite sight and seeing

Impotence of embodiment

Restoration of juvenation

Tensile Strength

Instill Visual Chaos

And say: Everything is the opposite of what it appears to be and nothing is the opposite
of what it appears to be. Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9,
shorts boys and beyonds…………..

An Access Consciousness Body Process is a hands-on method that uses different hand placements on various positions on the body and then asking specific energies to run at each spot. These processes facilitate the body back into its original functions, which assist with the repairing and longevity of the body. The energies are the natural energies that bodies are and have access to from everywhere in the universe.

Here is a small list of processes:

1. 90% Brain Capacity
2. Activation & Actualization of Total Immunity to The Sickness of Mankind
3. Actualization of Functional Body Balance
4. Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation: Use on overworked or exhausted muscles
5. Antalgic Shadows
6. Antibodies to Consciousness: Run when consciousness has become an unfamiliar or dangerous or foreign object that must be fought off To reverse a refusal to be here fully present and conscious
7. Biomimetic Mimicry [BMM] : Changes where we create our lives and our bodies from mimicking others instead from our choice
8. Cellular Memory : Cellular Memory is a hands-on process to reverse the effects of trauma and scar tissue on the body Cellular memory is about unlocking the cells from a point of view in which they’ve been stuck so that they can go back to doing what they're supposed to be doing When we're doing 'Cellular memory, POC, turn,' we are unlocking the discordant memory of the cell We're erasing the memory of the trauma that the cell has not let go of This is an incredibly dynamic process and creates seeming miracles by allowing the body to choose to heal It is extremely powerful when used with animals as well as people It returns cells to their original cellular structure prior to becoming diseased or injured
9. Circuitry : This works for animals and people that have suffered some kind of trauma to the body These are processes you do on people to work in relationship to physical conditions in the body Can help animals and people that have suffered some kind of trauma to the body or have chronic conditions that they can’t get over
10. Compensatory Drift : This process can help undo the compensatory drifts that allow the lies of powerlessness in embodiment Where we drift away from our power and survive only not thrive
11. Correcting Vision : Can assist to correct vision Helps with vision problems and traumatic experience to the eyes,works on helping the eyes back to better vision
12. De-Molecular Manifestation and Molecular De-Manifestation [DM and MD ]: De-Molecular Manifestation is used to create something that didn't exist before Molecular De-Manifestation is used to un-create something that currently exists This Access body process can also be used on food and beverages to enhance the flavor It is used to create something where it did not exist before and uncreate something which exists
13. Elimination & Eradication of Demon Infested Organs & Restoration of Life Inducing Possibilities
14. Elimination & Eradication of the Allergic Solidification Of Reality Responses of Disagreement & Curses
15. Elimination & Eradication of the Source Fields for the Radioactive Inception of Deaths
16. Elimination and Eradication of all the Orders of Schematics Locked in Your Body
17. Elimination and Eradication of the Order Points Locked into Your Body and Your Life
18. Embodiment Of and As Space: Assist the body to know how to be the space between the molecules rather than being the density of this reality
19. Eradication & Dilution of all Emotional Intensities and Restoration of the Joy of Embodiment: : This process is not being explained so your body can experience the energy in class
20. Eradication & Elimination of Physical Actualization of Catalytic Plastination
21. Eradication & Elimination of Specific Gravities
22. Eradication and Dilution of all Emotional Intensities & Restoration of the Joy of Embodiment
23. Erasure of all Manufactured Feelings of Embodiment
24. Everything Is the Opposite of What It Appears To Be & E & E of the Sickness of Mankind
25. Exit Stage Left: This process can help the being and the body remember that life and death is a choice
26. Generation of Acoustical Molecular Structure: This process is not being explained so that your body can experience the energies in class
27. Invocation of Anger Embodied
28. Invocation of Blindness
29. Invocation of Deafness
30. Invocation of Death
31. Invocation of the Stupidity of Sexuality
32. Lymphatic Glandular Incongruities and Inconsistencies : Can assist with the lymph and glandular system primarily for hearing, ears and sinus congestion
33. Magnetic Attraction to the Repulsion of All Generative Sexual Energies and Restoration of all Generative Sexual Energies Embodied : Can unlock the programming that makes us attracted to the people who are not nurturing to us or our bodies
34. Meso-Muscular Embodiment and Elimination and Eradication of Human DNA : This process is not being explained so your body can experience the energy in class
35. Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing Systems (MTVSS) : MTVSS can be used a thousand different ways and each time it creates a different possibility This is a way you can begin to recognize that you have hands-on healing abilities You can change all kinds of things with people’s bodies and your own (MTVSS) tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body is malfunctioning , a process designed to boost the immune system and bring healing into the body works the entire body as well as specific things like the immune system and digestion
36. Positional HEPADs : For every fixed point of view you take, you have to cut off awareness Positional HEPADS are a position you took about any subject, and then you start to handicap yourself about what can occur
37. Reciprocating Dimensionalities: Use when a body is being affected by other dimensions simultaneously
38. Restoration of Communion with Earth : Begins to restore the communication between earth, our bodies and us that is possible
39. Restoration of Hyperventilation: Can restore the bodies’ capacity to receive more oxygen
40. Restoration of Immunocytosis
41. Restoration of Impregnation
42. Restoration of Infinite Flexibility: Can undo the stiffness or inflexible places of the body caused by aging
43. Restoration of Intensity of Space of Embodiment : and the Energizing of Joy of Embodiment
44. Restoration of Structural Integrity & Function: This process helps to restore structural integrity & function of the body , Restores the body’s structural integrity for optimal function
45. Restoration of Vitality of Nerve Generation
46. Restructuring of Genetically Modified Macular Creation : that Creates Degenerative Blindness
47. Source Field for Elimination & Eradication of Chromatics of Time: This process is not being explained so your body can experience the energy in class
48. Source Field for Elimination & Eradication of Genetically Impelled Diseases
49. Source Field for the Elimination and Eradication of Toxic Amalgams : This process is not being explained so your body can experience the energy in class , Helps to transform toxic amalgams
50. Square Root of Minus One : Can assist to strengthen the immune system to overcome disease Allows the body to dynamically overcome what are considered to be normal human diseases
51. Technically and Mechanically Induced Parallactic Paralyzation : This process is not being explained so your body can experience the energy in class
52. The Bioenergetic Actualization of all the Elements for the Reversal of Aging and Olding and the Creation of Continuous Growth into Indefinite Living
53. The Erasure of all Fat Cells Dedicated to all Mobius Strips to Lock in Feelings as the permanent Source for Invalidation of Being
54. Trifold Sequencing Systems : Can assist to undo decisions made while under the influence of drugs that the person keeps going back to or reacting from
55. Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug Induced Scenarios
56. Zero Sum of Trama : Can assist to undo the reoccurring pain and trauma to a body

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