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Origin & History of the Abacus

Abacus is a Latin word that has its origins in the Greek words abax or abakon (meaning "table" or "tablet") which in turn, possibly originated from the Semitic word abq, meaning "sand". The abacus is an instrument, a manual tool invented by the Chinese 2000 years ago. We have been training using the Japanese Soroban method, which is has one upper row of beads and four lower rows. We have found the Soroban abacus particularly effective for teaching mathematical calculating skills to young children.
Benefits of the Abacus

One particular use for the abacus is teaching children simple mathematics, especially additions, subtractions and multiplication. The abacus is an excellent substitute for memorization of multiplication tables, which some young children find daunting. The abacus is also an excellent tool for teaching for pre-primary and high school students.

Children naturally have vast potential of energy and brainpower. But most parents do not know how to tap into the depths of these young minds in the right way and thus fail to realize and nurture these young minds to their fullest potential.

Course Structure

Learners' levels

Suitable for:-
Kids/Junior Abacus - Age 4 ~ 6
Senior Abacus - Age 7 ~ 13

School based Abacus – Age 4 ~ 6 and Age 7 ~ 13

There are eight (8) levels each of three months duration. In the first level, the basic functions of abacus, addition and subtraction are taught. The second level introduces to visual skill enhancing exercises. Multiplication in the third level, division in the fourth, decimals in fifth and digits variation, fractions and percentage operations in the sixth, seven and eight levels to complete the entire Abacus programme. Emphasizing on regular practice, to keep our students in touch, we conduct competitions every six months and award prizes."

> Teacher/learner ratio 1:20
> Course session 2 hours per week (to be allocated flexibly)
> Each level 3 months
> Medium of instruction Telugu, English and all regional languages
We are Abacus Private Tutoring, and we provide the most outstanding private tutoring services available. At Abacus, we provide tutoring and instruction for all subjects and all grade levels—pre-kindergarten to post-graduate study. We provide tutoring for all levels of mathematics, from elementary and middle school math to calculus and beyond. We provide test prep for end-of-year standardized testing, test prep for college and military entrance exams, and test prep for professional certifications. We provide tutoring for child and adult reading and for foreign languages. We provide specialized tutoring for students with disabilities and special needs.

Unlike big learning centers, Abacus tutors use no pre-established curricula (except for unique situations where a specific curriculum is necessary for the student’s academic knowledge and progress). Instead we believe that the majority of tutoring should reinforce what the teacher is teaching in school. This enables the student to improve his or her grades and grade-point-average, which can dramatically improve that student’s academic confidence. Because many of our tutors are themselves teachers or retired teachers, we are qualified and willing to work with any teacher, counselor or administrator who so desires.

Unlike big centers that merely test students and then place them in a pre-established curriculum taught in a group setting, Abacus tutors work on a one-on-one basis so that each student gets the tutor's full talent and attention. This is the only form of tutoring that works to identify and correct any gaps in academic knowledge

Abacus provides a concierge-style service. This means that our tutors will meet with our students at a time and location convenient to them and to their family’s busy schedule. Whether families prefer that our tutors meet with them in-home, after-school, in the library, or even after football or basketball practice in a quiet spot in the gym—our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and most convenient tutoring services.

Perhaps the best thing about us is that we are not a huge corporation—we are an American company, family owned and operated. No customer is ever passed off to a myriad of personnel. Our customers always have direct access to the Directors of the company—the people who care most.

Our tutors are fully certified, meaning they hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, they are subject-matter specialists, they are experienced in the art of teaching and tutoring, and they have passed an extensive 6-tier, nationwide background investigation.

There is no long-term contract to sign with us. Parents decide when tutoring services are complete. Our ultimate goal is for the student to master the subject, not just memorize it! We also strive to help students develop and nurture a life-long love of learning. Abacus’s tutoring services can help students to improve learning skills, self esteem, academic performance, confidence and grades.

ABACUS PRIVATE TUTORING provides instructional services for:
All Subjects and Grade Levels; from Pre-Kindergarten to Post-Graduate Study and Beyond
Test Prep for ALL Scholastic, Military and Professional Examinations (including but not limited to: ACT, SAT, GRE, ASVAB, GED and end-of-year standardized testing)
Gifted Students
Students with Disabilities and Special Needs
Child and Adult Reading
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Home-Schooled Students
Foreign Languages
Computers and IT

With more than 750 exceptionally educated and qualified CERTIFIED Tutors, ABACUS PRIVATE TUTORING can help you or your child to achieve your academic goals—no matter what the subject or the student’s grade level may be.

ABACUS PRIVATE TUTORING focuses on Subject Mastery Tutoring™—thus, our student’s do much more than short-term memory cram sessions, which result in nothing actually being learned or stored in long-term memory. Through our trademarked tutoring model: Subject Mastery Tutoring™, our student’s actually learn the subject in which they are being tutored.

Because today’s families are so busy, we offer a concierge-style tutoring service. That means ABACUS tutors meet with students at a time and location that is convenient to the student, whether that be:
in-home, after-school or on weekends
at a school or public library
at an after-school program
We will even meet with students at the soccer field or dance studio, while other siblings take classes.

When you use ABACUS as your private tutoring company, tutoring takes place as often as you desire. Families are not locked-in to any set amount of tutoring sessions (like they are at many big tutoring centers). ABACUS PRIVATE TUTORING is owned and operated by parents. That is why so many of our customers say that we understand and address their needs—and, therefore, get the results—that they could not achieve with another tutoring company.

Moreover, ABACUS PRIVATE TUTORING operates upon the belief that parents know what is best for their children. Thus, there is NO long-term contract to sign with Abacus. Parents decide when academic goals have been achieved and tutoring services are complete

Are degreed, trained, and experienced

Are subject-matter specialists. This means that ABACUS CERTIFIED TUTORS are professionals who have backgrounds in the subject(s) in which they tutor. Thus, reading specialists will work with students who need assistance in reading; math majors will work with students needing help in math. We do not believe that one size fits all. Students are unique individuals, each one having goals and needs. Whether gifted, average or special needs, with more than 750 tutors, we have the resources to accommodate each student’s unique needs. (Our policy is that our tutors have a minimum of 12 semester hours in the subject matter they are tutoring—or the professional experience equivalent thereof.)

Come highly recommended by their professors and colleagues. More importantly, Abacus Private Tutoring tutors come highly recommended by the families and students for whom they have helped to raise grades, test scores, academic confidence and grade point averages.

Have passed an extensive, nationwide, 6-tier, background investigation.

Are teaching professionals willing to work with any student’s teacher, counselor, or administrator

Simply stated, Abacus Certified tutors
are the very best teachers and tutors in the industry

Level -Column /Digits-Syllabus

1-4 columns-2 digit add/sub
2-6 columns-2 digit add/sub
3-6 columns-2 digit add/sub and 1 digit multiplication
4-7 columns-2 digit add/sub
4-3 columns-3 digit add/sub and 3 digit multiplication
4-1 columns-4 digit multiplication
4-1 columns-2/1 digit Division

Preschool Curricula :

  1. Basic Concepts and Skills
  2. Math Readiness
  3. Learning Letters

Abacus Reading and Language Arts Curricula

For students struggling with Reading
Through The Abacus Reading and Language Arts Curricula:

  1. Students Learn About Language
  2. (Phonics, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary and Language Rules)
  3. Students Learn About Literature
  4. (Poetry, Fables, Stories, Drama and age-appropriate Literature Classics)
  5. Students Learn About Writing
  6. (Writing Rules, Correct Formats—for different kinds of writing, Research Sills and Writing Development)
  7. Students Master the Skills Necessary to Become a Fluent Reader
  8. Students Learn How to Read for Comprehension
  9. For Students Struggling with Mathematics

Each Abacus math curricula begins with a brief assessment of the child’s current math skills. From there, students begin one of the premier math programs in the world. This program is supplemented with level appropriate (1) manipulatives and (2) fluency-building practices

Abacus Private Tutoring
Abacus Private Tutoring provides curricula for parents who home school as well as for parents who want or need to supplement their children’s education.

In each of Abacus Private Tutoring’s K-6 curricula, we use a variety of educational products, programs and resources. Each product and program that we use is internationally recognized as a leader of educational standards. (In other words, our program combines what we consider to be the very best of what the educational industry has to offer.)

Additionally, each curriculum is supplemented with a variety of manipulatives, audio, visual, or other hands-on learning materials. Our curricula appeal to as many of the child’s senses as possible, enabling the child—no matter what his or her primary learning style may be—to learn concepts from a variety of perspectives and in a variety of ways. Complete curricula include instruction of:
Language Arts, Literature and Reading (K-6)
History, Geography and Social Sciences (K-6)
The Arts (K-6)
Mathematics (K-6)
Science (K-6)

Pricing :

Depending on the subject-matter, we charge a flat rate of $45-$59 per hour for one-to-one private tutoring for most of our metro areas. We also charge a one-time registration fee of $49 that remains good for the student’s academic lifetime.

We offer discount programs for pre-paid tutoring services, for small group or family instruction, for home-school groups, and for all of our curricula and programs.

Abacus Private Tutoring requires no long-term contracts for our per-hour tutoring. Thus, there is no maximum number of hours that can be tutored. Our only time requirement is that, as the tutor is traveling on his or her time to meet you, the customer, at your convenience, we do require a one-hour per-session minimum. After that, customers can meet with their tutor as many times over 1 hour as the customer deems necessary.

Abacus Private Tutoring offers 20-hour test-preps for the SAT and the ACT. Each prep costs $780; books and materials (which can be purchased through our site) are additional. There is also a $39 registration fee for first time customers.

We offer reading and mathematics assessments for elementary through middle school grades. Each assessment costs $190 and is administered by one of our certified tutors at a time and location convenient to our customer and his or her family. After testing is complete, we score the test and provide parents with raw-scores and with a thorough analysis of test results. We also provide parents with their own copy of the completed test for future reference and use.

We offer reading and math intervention programs that can be used in addition to our assessments or independently thereof. Each program includes 1-hour per day of one-to-one instruction for 12 weeks (totaling 60 hours of individualized instruction). Books and materials are additional; however, customers pay only the retail price of the materials used—there is no mark-up.

For busy families who struggle with children completing and keeping up with homework, we have a solution! Through Homework Help, your own personal tutor meets with your child (or children) three days per week for 12-weeks, helping them to get their work completed, plan for upcoming reports, and study for upcoming tests. The cost of Homework Help is $1404. Homework Help includes 12-weeks of tutoring at 3 hours per week, for a total of 36 hours of one-to-one private tutoring. (Registration fee and time-management planner are additional.)

Contact : Vijay
Cell:0-94400 89341

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