Agile Awareness

– Agile Awareness
Target Group
Business managers, Project managers, lead analyst/programmers and other IT professionals who need to understand the issues involved in Agile project environments
Many Nokia divisions are now considering or have already implemented a limited Agile project framework not only for
software systems development but also for pure business change projects. However, there is no one thing that is Agile, no one book that covers all aspects of Agile.
Agile is a set of common principles and shared techniques amongst several recognised Agile frameworks or methods; an organisation can choose to use just one framework/method or produce a bespoke framework/method based on best practice and terminology from two or more of those available.
This I day introduction to Agile covers the history, principles, processes, people and products that Agile practitioners generally subscribe to and looks at individual frameworks.

Learning Objectives
· Understand why Agile frameworks have been developed
· Understand the concepts and principles of agility
· Understand the basics of small-team agile processes
· Understand, in outline, four of the leading Agile frameworks
· Understand the People aspects of Agile projects
· Understand common Agile Practices and Techniques
· Understand the type of Products expected in an Agile environment
· Be able to decide if Agile is really right for the organisation

Pre-requisite Knowledge:
Delegates should have had some exposure to projects within their own organisation in any capacity.

Pre-requisite Learning Solutions:
Learning Solution Level
1 Day

Instructor Led Training
Exercises will be used throughout the course to illustrate the concepts and approach, including a case study based around a typical multi-faceted project.

On completion of this course, you will be able to:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Agile Development
· Benefits
· Reasons for project failure
· History
· Agile Principles
· Agile Elements
· Agile Frameworks
Chapter 2: Essence of Agile
· People
· Practices
· Facilitated Workshops
· Requirements Handling
· Prioritisation (MoSCoW Rules)
· Prototyping & Modelling
· Timeboxing
Chapter 3: Suitability
· What are the issues that need to be addressed before introducing Agile into an organisation

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