3rdeye activation

All physical events are happened in this universe by conscious state. Conscious state exists invisibly behind all technics.technics are physical so these are visible to humanbeings. but when you understand and when you learn to apply these conscious power your qualitis of power are revealed as god power. When you understand the silent vibration and emptiness of cosmic world Then it starts to open all doors of hidden power of universal emptiness. When the mind enter to second layer of universal consciousness he understand the existance of all physical material phenomenon in the visible world. But you have to cross the first layer of universal vibration which is filled with total negative universal realities, like crores of negetive souls, crores of other negetive forces. Here is the ultimate weapon, to enter all doors of hidden cosmic world, that is Meditation. Both nose awareness and third eye awareness meditation will make you the king of powers. Third eye class not only give you the money sources but you understand the secret of creation of energy to various shape. Normal vision of a matter give you the physical existance. But vision of a matter from inner third eye consciousness give you the atomic state further you will be aware the creation of that matter from emptiness. Always think and always chant in third eye, i can create any thing in this world by power. I am powerfull, i am super power becase universal emptiness exist in me.

Mid brain universal browser of humanbeing. We can browse and download watever we want from the universal cosmic consciousness. Because this is the universal hub which control all the visible and subtle Phenomenon in this material world. Mid brain or third eye is steering of your life and mind. We should able to steer this consciousness powerfully according to our needs. Everything we want is available in frond of your eyes in this subtle world. All universe vibrates and in an atomic state. So when we aware in an atomic state,watever we want powerfull energy connection is happened that wishes is instantly manifested in the material worl. The onlyo One enemy and your friend is your thought. Pineal gland, the mid brain, third eye all these are one thing and it controll all hormones and mind totally.


Third eye consciousness is a universal gun of cosmic energy. All cosmic realities revolve around your soul consciousness. Your third eye is the sixth sense and ultimate weapon to change the physical world completly. It has the capability to Intervene even to the universal emptiness. All wonders in the physical world becomes toys in third eye consciousness because third eye person deals with the miracles which are beyond time space. Every single thought is manifested when third eye starts merging with universal vibration. Your vission your thoughts all are taken shapes.Try to live every single beats in universal solid presence. Meditate…. Meditate… Intrude the creation of matters. Use your browser to search the cosmic world. Use this weapon for your needs and goodness. One day your needs will follow your weapon.

Universe knows what should do or what should be done. Ones life synchronization is being processed with their own consciousness. People are unaware about the hidden energy movements around them.Majority of people attend in any class, normally tell, Let the result be come. the person who tell this statement, it means the destiny is already imposed by his consciousness. It means mind is not in a position to accept this prosess and result in this moment. So the universe reacts by creating the same quantity and quality of energy. Which is designed around their aura. Life pattern is desingned by the universal consciousness but but this is designed by your ownconsciousness.


1. Adhamorja Nivarana - cleancing, right leg energy grounding

2. Akoda mediation - symbols, om, swastik etc

3. Chakara Medition- giving energy to chakras

4. Chakra Cleansing- take out chakras and clearing

5. Dwija Prana Deeksha- attuintment

6. Home Purification- matrix red shielding

7. Kanaka dhara meditation - by leg taking the energy of wealth

8. Mind Purification - sudarshana

9. Ofiice Purification- matrix red

10. Prana evam Roga Prasamana - healing using matrix green colour

11. Prana Kavacha Rakshana - shielding

12. Prana Sakthi Shodhan- throwing out excess energy with hands

13. prana shakti thardakam - the meditation we take energy from the universe

14. Raja Shambhaala Deeksha - manipooraka technique

15. Removing entities technique-matrix red

16. Thwareeyathma panchabhoota Kriya- ravan mudra

17. Vajra Utthaapana Dhyaana- simhasana mudra

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